• person: do you watch Orphan Bl-
  • me: [screams] YES
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fan-art of game Journey, sketch for Holly McGillis :)


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Who we are and who we have to be to survive are two very different things.
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I’ve been self-aware since i was a child. I’m not exempt from the program. I simply enjoy a unique vantage, one with privilege.

Title: Entanglement
Artist: Imogen Heap
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ENTANGLEMENT - the Heapsong premiered today (22/07/2014) on KCSN.

20 / 27 DAYS TO GO

screencap meme: camercnbriel asked for Orphan Black + scenerygasm

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w h o  a m  i ?

Artistic games

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“There’s a moment on the arch of a jump, when you are neither rising nor falling. All you can see is the sky. All you can feel is the air and all you can hear is your heartbeat. That is all you are. Muscle and motion. It’s called the deadpoint. I live for that.”

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orphan black patches: round one!